Helpful Hints for a Successful Trade Show Experience

CSBA works hard to attract attendees to the Trade Show Floor. Your job is to attract them to your booth. We've put together these tips to help you be more effective:

  • Be present and alert

  • A positive and excited attitude draws attendees

  • Greet conference attendees as they approach your booth

  • Take a break away from your booth when eating lunch or talking on your cell phone

  • Arrive at your booth early and be ready for attendees

  • Interactive booths draw the most attendees. Get them involved!

  • Dress like the confident professional you are

  • Attendees love free gifts

  • The customer is always right--arguing with them never sells

  • Make sure the attendee can read your name badge

  • Obtain the attendees contact information

  • If you are reading a book, attendees won't disturb you with a question

  • Have sufficient literature to give out

  • Have a plan for how you will follow-up with attendees who expressed interest