Criteria for a strong proposal

How to submit/Deadline

The conference planning committee is seeking proposals reflective of the current environment in which California’s schools operate. Proposals should provide relevant resources to advance the best interests of students and public education.

Submit a workshop or table talk proposal no later than Tuesday, April 10, 2018, through CSBA’s online system. Proposals submitted after the April 10 deadline will not be accepted.

Workshops and table talks help board members, superintendents, and other district and county office personnel learn about successful programs and how they can be replicated in other parts of California. Only board members, administrators and other appropriate personnel from CSBA member districts and county offices are invited and eligible to submit proposals.

What makes a good proposal?

The following criteria will be equally weighed by the conference planning committee members as they read and evaluate each proposal:

  1. Is the policy role of the board member as part of the governance team present in the panel of speakers?
  2. Is the proposal well-planned, well-written and does it provide a clear and realistic picture of what the intended outcomes are?
  3. Does the proposal contain an innovative and cutting-edge issue or is it a program that has achieved results for at least two (2) years, showcasing district and board expertise?
  4. Does the proposal reflect the interests of new, mid-career and/or veteran education leaders from urban, suburban, small and/or rural districts, and county offices of education?
  5. Does the program or issue support the conference strands?
  6. Is the panel comprised of experienced, knowledgeable, effective and engaging speakers?
  7. Can the program be replicated in a variety of school settings?
  8. Does the proposal address why participants need to have the proposed information and suggest the tools and strategies they will take away with them?
  9. Does the proposal address the financial implications, cost savings or value added?
  10. Is the proposed topic timely, relevant and unique?