Audio visual support

All rooms, unless otherwise specified, will be prepared with the following set up and audio-visual equipment:

  • Head table for four people with standing podium on a riser
  • (1) Podium microphone and (4) wireless slimline tabletop microphones
  • LCD projector package with VGA input
  • Speaker capabilities for computer audio
  • Complimentary wireless internet

CSBA will NOT provide the following. Your presenters are responsible for providing these:

  • Laptops/computers
  • Software for PowerPoint or other presentations already installed
  • VGA adapter for your Mac or PC laptop/computer to connect with the provided LCD projector

If you have any questions, have your moderator contact Chris Olcese, Meeting Planner, at (800) 266-3382 or click here to e-mail. Due to the high cost of audio-visual equipment, set-up and maintenance, you may be charged for any changes to what CSBA normally provides and on-site requests will not be honored.