Audio visual support

All rooms, unless otherwise specified, will be prepared with the following set up and audio-visual equipment:

Head table for four people with standing podium on a riser

(1) Podium microphone and (4) wireless slimline tabletop microphones

LCD projector package with VGA input

Speaker capabilities for computer audio

Complimentary wireless internet

CSBA will NOT provide the following. Your presenters are responsible for providing these:


Software for PowerPoint or other presentations already installed

VGA adapter for your Mac or PC laptop/computer to connect with the provided LCD projector

If you have any questions, have your moderator contact Chris Olcese, Meeting Planner, at (800) 266-3382 or click here to e-mail. Due to the high cost of audio-visual equipment, set-up and maintenance, you may be charged for any changes to what CSBA normally provides and on-site requests will not be honored.