Presenter Types

Through the proposal submission process, you will be asked to designate different roles for those involved with each proposal. Descriptions for each role are listed below. We recommend that you take time to become familiar with the descriptions.

Each panel must include at least one board member, superintendent, or other staff of a current CSBA member district or county office of education. 


This person will not be considered part of the panel unless also designated as a moderator or presenter. Only one submitter per proposal will be allowed.


The moderator oversees the workshop development, communicates with CSBA staff, coordinates pre-conference preparations and acts as facilitator during the actual session on-site. The moderator will be the main point of contact for all conference related correspondence between presenters and CSBA staff up to and through the Annual Education Conference. The moderator will be published in all CSBA web and print conference materials along with the other presenters. If your proposal is accepted, please note that CSBA sets each session with seating for up to 4 total presenters, including the moderator. Only one moderator per proposal will be allowed. The moderator may also be the submitter. Please note that the designation of moderator and presenter are used internally to indicate points of contact. The names of the moderator and presenters are listed in the AEC app, without reference to role. If there is only one presenter on the panel, he/she will be the moderator.


A presenter is a panelist. If a proposal is accepted, CSBA sets each session for up to 4 total presenters, including the moderator. Presenters are encouraged to funnel all communication with CSBA through the moderator.