Preparing Your Presentation

Information for Presenters

CSBA is pleased to have you participate in the 2018 Annual Education Conference and Trade Show Nov. 29 through Dec. 1. We look forward to seeing you at Moscone West in San Francisco. We have assembled the following information to help you get ready for your presentation:

1. Preparing your presentation

2. Engaging your audience

3. Audio-visual needs

4. PowerPoint template

5. Handouts

1. Preparing your presentation

A helpful tip to make your presentation more effective is to keep the governance role in perspective. You’ll be interacting with board members, superintendents and senior-level education leaders. CSBA staff, with guidance from the Conference Planning Committee, has developed a Learning Tip Sheet for attendees to help guide their learning during the conference. They may ask questions in a model program workshop presentation along the lines of the following:

What is the intent of the program/effort featured?

Why was the program proposed? Or what challenges did it resolve?

How did the governance team know this was the most effective way to accomplish their purpose?

Was this approach successful?

How much did it cost, one-time and on-going?

What was the source of funding and was something given up to gain funds?

How did the governance team measure success?

These questions should give you a general idea of what attendees are hoping to gain from conference breakout sessions. 


2. Engaging your audience

There are some simple ways to create powerful, interactive experiences at your session. Today’s audience members struggle with information overload, as well as many things pulling them in different directions. The very first thing you should do is to ask your audience to silence their cell phones, and if they absolutely need to take a call, to step outside of the room. Often times, audience members simply forget to do this and need a simple, yet friendly, reminder.

Touch the participants’ emotions and help them relate to you with humor. No need to go overboard on the jokes, but as they say, comedy is the great equalizer. Keep it friendly, laugh at yourself, use inside anecdotes, and defuse tension by making your audience comfortable.

Keep in mind the goal of your session is to teach, train or inform the audience so they can return to their local districts and county offices and make positive change. Check out this standard effective learning matrix which shows typical rates of retention:

Listening – (you the presenter simply talking) = 5% retention

Reading (a handout without explanation) = 10% retention

Audio/Visual (presenter talking with PowerPoint) = 20% retention

Demonstration (video or you demonstrating) = 30% retention

Group discussion (you asking audience members to discuss a certain topic) = 50% retention

Practice by doing (audience members role playing) = 75% retention

Teaching others (this one would be tricky at Annual Conference, but may be possible) = 90% retention

PowerPoint presentations are clearly important when helping an audience learn and understand you (see the above Audio/Visual retention rate). But they have also become the norm, meaning that just plain text on a slide might not be as effective as it used to be. Adding still images that are compelling and enhance your point will help engage your audience. But don’t go too far – motion graphics can be distracting and endless clip art becomes meaningless. Aim for authenticity and meaningful connections for the most impact.


3. Audio/visual needs

All workshop session rooms will be prepared with the following set up and audio-visual equipment:

Head table for four people with standing podium

Podium microphone and table top microphone

LCD projector package with VGA input

Speaker capabilities for computer audio

CSBA will NOT provide the following. Presenters are responsible for providing these:


Software for PowerPoint or other presentations already installed

Two separate files of your presentation (one for backup)

VGA adapter for your Mac or PC laptop/computer to connect with the provided LCD projector

If you have any questions, contact Chris Olcese, CSBA Meeting Planner, at or (800) 266-3382 by July 30, 2018. Due to the high cost of audio-visual equipment, setup and maintenance, you will be charged for any changes to what CSBA provides and on-site request will not be honored.


4. PowerPoint template

CSBA does provide a PowerPoint templates that mirror the conference artwork. Click here for more information.


5. Handouts

Session handouts will be provided to attendees through the AEC app. Treat your session handouts as a resource for attendees. Consider including a toolkit, a list of questions to ask staff, a blueprint, or sample implementation materials.  Attendees are able to view the handouts before, during and after the conference. 

Please email all handouts with the corresponding session title to by November 5, 2018. Handouts need to be a PDF or Word document and cannot be more than 10MB per document.